A Question For Readers———"WTF?"

Yesterday, when the only thing I posted was a link to another site where I'd written a half-baked essay about How I Met Your Mother, was Astor Place Riot's most popular day ever. What does this mean? What does it mean?!!

I have no idea.

You probably don't know this, because the layout of this blog is sort of goofy, but you can comment on these posts. See those tiny buttons in the bottom left of the post? The really, really tiny ones? The speech bubble one lets you comment. So if you're the commenting type, and for the sake of your loved ones I hope you are not, I'd love to know if you have any insight to why the site did so well yesterday.

Was it because I posted about an argument with another blog? Was it because you love coming here only to be sent to another, better website? Does this mean I should just write about How I Met Your Mother all the fucking time?

Any thoughts are appreciated. You can always email me too. (See sidebar at right.) If nobody wants to read anything but crazed rants about CBS comedies, well, I can oblige. I'm a whore for you people. And like off-brand Oreos, I'm super cheap.