Die, Mob Doctor! Die! Die! Die!

Today on Bullett, I've got a bit of nasty-natured commentary on the fall TV programming. 

Cancellation should be a sad occasion. The shows that have already fallen—Made in Jersey and Animal Practice—have been replaced with new episodes of the vile Undercover Boss and the viler Whitney. When we get to January, we’ll be treated to even more dismal mid-season replacements. Remember ¡Rob!? But even though we know cancellation only heralds something worse, it’s hard not to smile when the networks get it wrong.
Tortured relentlessly by promos for bad television, sports fans cheer the loudest when something like Animal Practice is cancelled. We first encountered this trash-heap during the Olympics, and knew from the first promo that a doctor comedy starring a Capuchin monkey would not live to Halloween. Over the next 742 promos we were forced to watch, this conviction hardened into hatred, then fury. When the cancellation announcement came down last week, we cheered, “I told you so! I told you so!”, cackling like a Roman emperor when a lion got hold of a particularly heavyset Christian.

What three shows is old W.M. most looking to see canceled? Well, let's take a look!