Writing for Huffington Post has given me the chance to work for clients as varied as the California Lottery, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and US Cellular. The work comes fast, which means I'll often have as little as 48 hours to interview sources, find images and write a thousand word piece that's fun to read and pleasing to the client. It's a unique challenge, and one I really get a kick out of.

Samples of my favorite HuffPo pieces are below:

When Ivan Owen’s daughter Torrae got tired of her mother telling her to hurry up and eat her cereal, her father swooped in with an utterly Dad solution: helping his daughter to build the world’s ultimate “cereal-eating machine,” which sprayed cereal into their mouths, but mostly all over the family’s deck.

“The end result was horribly impractical, messy and very fun,” Owen says.

Torrae is very interested in science, and she and Owen have worked together on projects like this before — building a slingshot crossbow, casting metal jewelry, even doing a TEDx talk together. The cereal-eating machine was its own kind of crazy, but, as Torrae says, “It’s for science!”

“Being a great dad is actually pretty simple,” Owen says. “It’s a combination of giving time, attention, love and trying to lead by example.”

American southern cities are known for shady front porches, juicy barbecue and iced tea sweet enough to give you a toothache. But beneath that sleepy façade, you’ll find a whole different story. Laid-back and forward-thinking all at once, it’s no surprise that the south has become a destination for artists and innovators across the country.

Trading cowboy boots for skinny jeans and corn whiskey for craft cocktails, the South has reinvented itself as one of the most dynamic and exciting regions in the country. From the ports of South Carolina to the banks of the Mississippi, these cities under the Mason-Dixon line offer southern hospitality with a rock ’n’ roll flair. However, no matter how hip these towns get, they are still country to the core.

Brought to you in partnership with U.S. Cellular, below are a few Southern cities that deserve a tip of the cowboy hat.

It’s hard enough to fall asleep in a hot room, but there’s nothing quite so unpleasant as waking in the middle of the night in a tangle of twisted, sweaty sheets. If you can’t cool your room, you could opt to cool your bed, says neurologist William Winter, who specializes in sleep medicine. To chill your bed, Winter says, consider using products such as an electric bed-cooling pad, moisture-wicking sheets or cooling pillows. These high-tech bedding materials are a step above the flipping-to-the-cool-side method; many use breathable synthetic fibers and gels to regulate temperature and absorb and disperse excess body heat.

For a quicker fix, consider switching to summer pajamas made of lightweight, natural fibers in a light color. It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes more clothes means a cooler night’s sleep.

“Sometimes people go to bed naked in the summer, and because they perspire, they stick to the sheets,” Burhenne says. “I would recommend a synthetic polypropylene pajama that wicks away moisture, especially during those sweaty months. That way the sheets won’t stick to you.”

For the seriously heat-stifled, Winter has a last-ditch measure: “Simply stick your own pillow in the freezer,” he says. (Though we’d suggest you start by just icing down the pillowcase.)