Everybody Plays The Fanboy . . . Sometimes

Fanboy websites have an incredibly irritating habit of making a big deal out of publicity materials. "OMG NEW HYDE PARK ON HUDSON TEASER TRAILER POSTED," or "HOLY HELL THE NEW PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN THE MASTER TIE-IN ACTION FIGURE IS AMAAAAAAZING." But there's nothing less interesting than trying to make news out of a newly released poster. I mean...it's an image. It doesn't do anything. It doesn't say anything. Usually, they're ugly. It doesn't even have a kung-fu grip. 

We don't get a lot of that foaming in the theater world. Oh, sure, there are those who go bananas for a new Original Cast Recording, but generally, we pretentious theaterfolk try to stay thoughtful. As you can tell by reading this blog, I'm nothing if not thoughtful. The abbatoir that is my brain-cavity is constantly taking in thoughts, churning them out, and spitting out little idea sausages for you to enjoy. It's also good with positively disgusting images.

But for the moment, I abandon thoughtfulness. I foam. Because Crystal Skillman and the Vampire Cowboys have a new show coming out next spring, Geek, and OMG THE POSTER IS HERE HOLY HELL! 

I saw an early draft of the play read this summer, and I can attest to its charming Vampire Cowboysiness. What's more, Crystal is a swell lady. If anybody deserves a little half-baked press, it's those guys. Dig the poster. Get excited about Geek.