Smart Beard, Smart Name, Very Dumb Guy

Anyone forced to suffer through CNN's coverage of last night's election may have noticed something interesting—Wolf Blitzer is a dim bulb. If that observation isn't convincing enough for you, I go into it in some detail today at Bullett

CNN is a funny thing. Ever since MSNBC abandoned the mushy center, transforming itself into a liberal fantasy land, CNN has stood alone at the intersection of cable news and vaguely serious reporting. Because it employs anchors who are more than crackpot ideologues, CNN has won the moral high ground by default. Rather than rise to the occasion and transform themselves into something authoritative and real, the network has floundered. CNN isn’t the New York Times of cable news. It’s something you watch in the airport.
No one embodies this bland style of journalism more than the network’s senior anchor, Wolf Blitzer. A man with a wonderful name, a trustworthy face, and a voice you could follow through a pea-soup fog, he looks every bit the part of a Serious Newsman. But really, he’s a moron.

And so on and so on. Stay out of the snow, kiddies, and enjoy the next four years of Obamination.