The Adventures of 13 Playwrights Across The 8th Dimension

Everything I wrote yesterday about 13P was a hideous lie. It came to me just now in a flash. Their success has nothing to do with hard work, a clear mission statement, or fundraising genius. Rather, it's because they are thirteen of them—and each one must have his or her own specialization. It's like Ocean's Eleven, or, better yet, Buckaroo Banzai

Which one is Sarah Rule?

Now that they've imploded, the gang must be done for good, right? 


They're either going to get back together in a couple of years to put on one more big show, or they'll get word that Earth is in danger from an intergalactic evil that can be stopped only by creative fundraising. Rob Handel will yell, "13P—Assemble!" and the evil will be vanquished...for now.